Background of projects section
Background of projects section

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Referral's back office

Backoffice for the gifting process and data visualization about the program. Adding dashboards to visualize and analyze the referrals program and automating the gifting process.

Vest App

A retail investment app. Building several sections of the app: referrals program, transaction history, portfolio details, improvements in the sell stock section, in the login and register section.

Invertir da miedo landing page

Promotional landing page for the Halloween holiday. I built the whole site.

Vest landing page

The landing page of the app. I build a domain-specific language to allow the marketing team to add custom styles to the landing pages from the CMS without code knowledge.

Twitter sentiment analysis POC

Sentiment analysis of the Twitter data about Vest and its competitors. I built the whole demo and used superset for the data visualization.

NDS Chatbot

Chatbot to answer questions about the company. I create a model to autocomplete possible questions of the user.

NDS Site

Principal website of the company. Built with Django and Wagtail. I built the site and some components for menus.


System for notifications to students and administrators about the process in their school. I was part of the development team.

Cinépolis POC

Chatbot for a cinema chain. Built for the web, whatsapp and alexa. I was part of the team in charge of training the conversational service and developed an endpoint to generate an image to represent the movie theater seats map.

3B Pricecheck

Website to compare prices of the 3B stores against the competitors. I developed the frontend of the site.

Fuga de cerebros app

Recruiting app for candidates. I developed the whole app.

SM Tools

Website for book licenses and class attendance. I redesign the whole website and make the assistance control module.

Transformer personalized video

Marketing website where you can personalize a video celebrating the 35th anniversary of Transformers. I developed the frontend.

Fuga de cerebros

Recruiting website. I created several sections in Administrator, Recruiter and Candidate profiles, I built a recommendation system and an automated languages test.

OCESA's app

An events sales app. I was part of the developer team of the app.

La Academia audience analysis

An audience analysis for the show “La Academia”. I was part of the developer team.

Ticketmaster's app

An events sales app. I implemented the onboarding, the promotions section, find stores section, the event details section, and solved several issues.

OCESA's website

An event sales website. I was part of the front-end team.

Brands detector demo

Web system that detects brands and entities in audio and video. I coded the whole demo.


Web system which managed procedures and services of the IPN. I developed the front-end part of: medical dates, generator of organization’s manual, the profile, the main page.


Web system in charge of computer applications management. I was part of the development of the whole site.


Web system in charge of tutorials managed in the IPN. I developed the forms for students, tutors and manager.


Web system in charge of the registration papers and assists. I developed the user’s section, made the registration offline and the main webpage.


Web system in the management of orchards. I developed the front-end part and the service to send messages to the Arduino.


Web system in charge of the registration of medical appointments. I coded the backend part of the website.

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